Új Fehérnemű Femme Szexi Párnázott Camisoles a Nők, Szexi Pántok Nő Fehérnemű 2020 Fehérnemű & Sleepwears

544 Ft 381 Ft

Címkék: Camisoles & Tartályok, Fehérnemű & Sleepwears, Olcsó Camisoles & Tartályok, Magas Minőségű Fehérnemű & Sleepwears, Camisoles & Tartályok.

SKU : e702 Kategória:A nők Legénység

  • Olyan Szexuális Jellegű: No
  • Mintázat Típusa: Szilárd
  • Származás: KN - (Eredetű)
  • Anyag: Spandex
  • Obszcén Kép: No
  • Dekoráció: Egyik SEM




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  • Pauljohn237  — 

    All super as in the description, the color only does not match

  • Russponinfo  — 

    Top awesome!!!!! One of the best with Ali!!!!!!! Soft, but dense, holds the chest perfectly. I sat on the OG 88 perfectly. The liners are good, but I cut in the middle, because a little narrow. Convenient as for training, and for everyday wear! 10 out of 10. The order was a month.

  • Bennettnb  — 

    Delivery 26 days to St. Petersburg (fully tracked!) the seller did not want to send, cried that error, the price is higher! The tones are good, without marriage, without guard smells. Inserts are pulled out, straps are adjustable! To the touch White is more pleasant. I bought 100R each. Thank you to the seller for the fast delivery and that all the same sent the goods!

  • Tolyamakarov  — 

    Thank you to the seller for sending the goods despite the low price of 99₽. Asked to cancel the order as many now do and then do not send, but he is well done, I did my job. Quality is super, I love these tops. Inside Foam Cups